Here at Delegate, we have a “can do!” approach. As your Chief of Stuff, we (really!) want to do everything we can to make your day-to-day life easier. 

That said, there are a few things that we can't complete on our end. They may be subject matters that we don't have 100% expertise in or don't align with our internal policies.

  1. Business or work-related tasks 💼: We want to give you your personal time back! Because of this, we only focus on personal tasks & we're unable to assist with anything you may be paid to get done. (Scheduling meetings falls into this category too!)
  2. Booking air travel ✈️: We can help answer questions about best routes or average prices. But since airfares are so dynamic in pricing, we can't complete an air travel booking for you.
  3. Tasks that require us to represent you using sensitive personal information (such as Social Security Number, insurance details, account numbers.) 💳: We take privacy super seriously. Because of this, sensitive information like account numbers can't be passed along to your Chief of Stuff - we find this is the case with medical, bank, and utility company communication. (We can take care of customer support needs that don't require an account number though!) 
  4. Buying, selling, and/or renting property 🏡: These tasks aren't in our area of expertise - and we always want you to have the best experience. (Same goes for selling an item that you currently own!)
  5. Professional advice or research📝: We consider ourselves great generalists! But when it comes to some topics (taxes, legal advice, medical advice) it's best to point you towards a skilled professional. 
  6. Complex tasks that can take 3+ hours of time ⏱: Tasks like ongoing calendar management with no finite end, requests that require ongoing negotiation & communication, and/or lengthy research needs are a bit too complex for us as your Chief of Stuff. What we do best are one and done tasks that save you immediate time! (And we can always curate a list of recommendations to kick a process off for you!)
  7. Magic 8-Ball questions 🔮: We want to make sure your tasks are things that give you time back! Because of this, we're not the best ones to ask what your future holds, which presidents liked broccoli, or what the best Dad jokes are. 
  8. And, of course, any tasks that are questionable when it comes to their legality at the state or the federal level : Enough said!

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