Adam helps you take care of the tasks on you to-do list that slows you down. That way, you can focus on what matters to you. He can help schedule appointments and contact businesses on your behalf.

Here are a few examples of requests that you can send to Adam:

Scheduling appointments on your behalf: 

  • Can you call my car dealership and book me for the 20k maintenance? 
  • Can you book a haircut appointment for this Saturday with my regular hair stylist?

 Calling a business or service provider and asking specific questions on your behalf:

  • Can you call the hotel to see if I could check in earlier?
  • I have a feeling I left my sunglasses at the restaurant last night. Call you call them and ask?
  • Can you call my yoga studio to see if any spots opened up for Thursday morning?

Although Adam has a can-do attitude towards all your requests, he runs into roadblocks in the following scenarios and would not be much help:

  • Booking appointments or talking to businesses where access to your sensitive personal information such as your SSN, medical records, insurance details, etc is necessary. He usually runs into these scenarios when talking to utility companies, banks or telecom companies about specific details about your account.
  • Anytime that might require him to access your accounts using your credentials. 

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