Michelle helps create meaningful (and fun!) moments in your life by helping plan evenings, weekends, experiences, and trips. 

Here are a few examples of requests that you can send to Michelle:

  • I want to go cherry picking while the season lasts. Can you recommend me some places within a 2 hour drive?
  • We have a trip coming up to France and haven't nailed down our accommodations. Can you help us find hotels or Airbnb?
  • Our anniversary is coming up. Can you help us plan our date night?
  • We are planning a 4 day getaway for our friend's birthday. Can you recommend some find some vacation rentals on a lake that can accommodate 8 people?
  • My friends are coming to town next weekend. One of them is vegan and other is allergic to gluten. Can you recommend some restaurants where I could take them?
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