We all know firsthand, time is precious. Here at Delegate, we know that means not just getting "the most" from your Chief of Stuff, but getting the most personalized experience for your needs. 

With that in mind, we've compiled a few tips & tricks to make sure you're getting an optimal Delegate experience:

  1. Remember your team of 3 experts - Adam, Michelle, and Spencer: They can do a whole lot! Finding & contacting service providers. Recommending & booking fun experiences for your downtime. Matching you with the best products and services for your needs. (They’re also amazing at sending gifts to loved ones, arranging accommodations for your weekend away, rescheduling a haircut, and so much more.)
  2. But, know it's normal to find your preferred task preference (or 2): Don't stress if you find yourself naturally utilizing a certain category of tasks! We find that each individual Delegater (that's you!) finds their preferred way or two that works best with their needs to connect with their Chief of Stuff. Whether it's gift giving, travel planning, or reservation setting, it's all about having Delegate work best for your personalized needs; whether it's in one specific task type, or all!
  3. Know when we're responding, real time: Our Chief of Stuff responds Monday-Friday, 9AM-8PM EST and Sunday, 9AM-6PM EST. (Our research team works on requests 24/7 - so even when our response team is off, requests are still being actively worked on!)
  4. Keep in mind, 3 tasks at a time: Our Chief of Stuff is able to handle up to 3 tasks at any given time. Be sure to ask us your most pressing task (or two, or three) first!
  5. Check Delegate (the app, that is!) for updates: We'd never want you to have any sort of out-of-date experience! Be sure to check your app to keep it up-to-date. (We're consistently pushing new enhancements through to create a seamless experience!)
  6. And finally, we try to do everything, but there are a few things we can't do: That list can be found here.
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