While sometimes it may be crystal clear what your next request to your Chief of Stuff will be, sometimes we need a little inspiration (It happens to all of us!)

Not to worry, we've found, tried and true, 15 different ways to activate your Chief of Stuff:

🖥 Shopping Ideas

  1. New headphones: "My headphones just broke! I'd love to find the best waterproof bluetooth headphones for under $200."
  2. Mattress replacement: "I just moved & need to replace my mattress. Can you find a highly reviewed, king size, memory foam with a good warranty plan?"
  3. Rent a sailboat: "I'm looking to rent a sailboat for a month, 38' around Boston."
  4. Newborn purchases: "Baby on the way - and soon! My partner and I need a toxin-free crib that can convert to a toddler bed. We're open to any price point."
  5. TV upgrade or replacement: "It's time to replace my TV and there are SO many options. I don't have a ton of time to research - can you find me the best 52" smart TVs out there? I'd like to have it in time for the game next Sunday!" 

For these type of requests, contact Spencer. He helps make purchasing decisions for products or services based on your specific preferences, and (with your permission!) can order things for you.

🍹Social Life Ideas

6. Family time: "Heading on a day trip to New Hampshire next weekend with my husband and 5 year old. What are the best attractions in the area for us all to enjoy?"

7. Weekend getaways: "My best friends and I are looking to escape town for a weekend! Looking for glamping options on the last weekend of October."

8. Find something out of the ordinary: "Need to find something new! Are there any unique food events for 4 in NYC coming up?"

9. Anniversary plans: "Surprising my wife for our 15th anniversary. We're going to Colorado next month - where should we have a romantic dinner?" 

10. Get fresh air during your downtime: "Weather is looking awesome this Saturday. I'd like to do a hike & a lunch within a 2-hour drive."

For these type of requests, contact Michelle. She'll help research, plan, and book meaningful & fun moments in your life.

👷🏼‍♀️Contacting Services

11.  Time to get a haircut?: "Please call my barber and see if he see me tomorrow at 2pm."

12. Correct booking information: "I misspelled my wife's name on a flight ticket - can you please update it?"

13. Coordinate repairs (big and small!): "My Peloton's water holder is broken! Can you check how can I get it replaced?"

14. Restaurant reservation: "Book a table for 4 people, tomorrow at 7:30pm. Same French place as last week. A quiet table would be best!"

15. Availability checking: "Can you ask the liquor store next to my office if they have this wine in stock?"

For these types of requests, contact Adam. He helps make reservations, schedule appointments, and contact businesses on your behalf.

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