Our Chief of Stuff always aims to provide a seamless and efficient experience that you can have at your fingertips. 

To help streamline your requests, there are some tips to have in mind, so you know what's important for us to know from the start to get the job done (and quickly!). 

  • 💰Budget range: Buying a product or finding a service? Let us know what the minimum & maximum prices you'd like to spend! 
  • ⏱ Preferred hours: Going to a restaurant? Scheduling a barber? Let us know when the best time for you is. Providing a second choice for scheduling helps as well!
  • 📦 Shipping address: We'll never order anything without double checking with you - but letting us know your shipping address in advance helps us research best and provide any applicable shipping costs upfront. 
  • 🎁 Delivery timeframe: Tell us if there is a specific date any delivery should arrive at. (We want to make sure you'll receive it in time for any special occasion or event!)
  • 🎀 Personalized gifts: We want gifts that we suggest to be original, unique, and a perfect fit for its' (lucky!) recipient. Provide as many details about them as you'd like - what do they love to do? Hobbies? Are they crazy about a certain sports team? Do they always love a specific color? We'll be sure to remember their preferences for next time, as well! 
  • 👠 Brand, size, and colors: Knowing some of your specifications and preferences will help us find the perfect recommendations!
  • 🍽 Restaurant & reservations: Let us know how many people are joining you, as well as any food preferences or dietary needs. (Any additional details we should know will help us take care of your needs perfectly - if a kids menu is needed, or if you're looking for a dog friendly place, etc.) 
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